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How can the requirements for 4-over-4 printing be met?

How can the requirements for 4-over-4 printing be met?


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In the U.S.A., a growing number of printing presses with 4-Hi towers is being ordered, and in the case of one press manufacturer the share of colour printing couples has already reached 45 percent of the total couples supplied. In Europe, the trend is also towards equipping new installations for 4 + 4 printing, though there, however, stacked satellite printing units dominate. In view of the uncertainty this situation creates for decision-making, especially because both configurations have a vast number of sub-variations, but also to enable the search for possibilities of 4 + 4 printing with existing installations, as is required by new forms of advertising such as "multi-page ads" (IFRA Special Report 6.8), the IFRA Rotary Press Committee instigated the preparation of this Special Report. Its aim is to explain to our members the advantages and drawbacks of the different colour printing unit configurations for 4 + 4 printing and thus facilitate the selection. The author, who is named below, has attempted to outline the advantages and drawbacks in a way that is as neutral as possible. Nor have any manufacturer names:been mentioned. We ask your forbearance if, despite our best efforts, any misinterpretation has been included.

IFRA Special Report
Fuchs, Boris


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2001-04-03 01:00

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