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Copy stream storage systems

Copy stream storage systems


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Up to the advent of copy stream storage systems, in this report called CSS-systems, it was only possible to store copies coming from a rotary press in piles, bundles or logs on pallets, which required a certain degree of manual handling if these copies were to be used in further processing steps, for instance inserting operations. With a CSS-system it is possible to take up the stream of copies coming directly from the press folder, to store it for any length of time and to reestablish the moving stream in its original form. This makes the process of inserting more efficient and opens up new applications which were not possible before, e.g. automatic processing of preprints with or without pre-inserted supplements. The CSS-systems in operation today, the mobile and stationary systems from the two manufacturers, FERAG and MÜLLER MARTINI in Switzerland, are forming towers and spools and are handling the different products concerned, namely main products, preprinted sections and commercial supplements. This report will describe their functions and practical application possibilities which might not be known in too much detail. The report was initiated and written with the help and support of the members of MDC, the IFRA MAILROOM and DISTRIBUTION COMMITTEE.

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