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ASMIQ AG acquires SmartWall

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ASMIQ AG acquires SmartWall

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Zurich, April 7th 2020 – ASMIQ AG, a services and technology company that specializes in subscription management, has acquired SmartWall, a dynamic paywall and technology for monetizing online content.

The SmartWall paywall, developed by the startup SwissPay, is currently used primarily by media companies that want to adapt their paywall to the profile of their readers, so that the latter pay for specific content or take out subscriptions. For Marc Lamarche, founder of SmartWall, “Most people recognize that as soon as readers have to pay for online content, they lose interest. This is exactly where SmartWall comes in”.

The dynamic paywall simplifies access for readers to fee-based web content and enables media companies to generate a contribution to sustainable financing of their editorial content.

SmartWall allows publishers to design and manage their paywalls in a flexible and intuitive manner, for example by using individual reader journeys to provide a customized reading experience. Depending on their reading behaviour, SmartWall suggests to the reader the subscription that is most suitable for her – and, in turn, which has the best chance of being taken up. In addition, readers also have the option of accessing content for free: that is to say, they can read content in return for interaction, for example if they watch advertising videos, subscribe to a newsletter or take part in a quiz.

The solution enables advertising to be used to monetize an audience that is not yet ready to take out a subscription. In other words, the publisher makes money by exploiting value-added services – even if the reader does not yet have a subscription. In order to keep the threshold for this low and the willingness of customers to pay high, SmartWall offers a simple payment system for mobile devices. For Alexander Meyer, CEO of ASMIQ AG, one thing is clear: “SmartWall is the ideal tool for procuring and optimizing income from the reader as well as the advertising market.”

By acquiring SmartWall, ASMIQ will enable the startup to enhance its products, and to continue its commercial development thanks to ASMIQ's European network. “Particularly in France, Switzerland and other German-speaking countries,” adds Meyer.

About SmartWall:
SmartWall was created by Ltd, founded in 2015 by Marc Lamarche. SmartWall is a platform that monetizes web content for media and advertising companies. SmartWall technology enables these companies to maximize their total revenue through personalization of the payment experience. It does so by ensuring that the demand of customers with the highest willingness to pay is met as a top priority (dynamic yield management). The solution also boosts the engagement and interaction of users. In particular, the platform allows users to pay for digital content by paying attention to advertising.




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