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What's the better approach for a quality contest like International Color Quality Club

What's the better approach for a quality contest like International Color Quality Club

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The International Color Quality Club (ICQC) competition is being held since 1994 across the globe. This contest is aligned with ISO standard specifications meant for newspaper publishing. 

ICQC 2020-22, which started registrations from 20th Aug 2019, is a competition cum standardisation practice for production units.

How to proceed with standardisation process and where to start and end are frequently asked questions. Standardisation covers the process of specification and use of any item the company must buy or make, allowable substitutions, and build or buy to suit the quality specs. Nowadays the term standardisation encompasses the reference measurement procedures and reference materials as well.  

So what is the better approach for ICQC contest or any standardisation process that matters?

Here is the answer.

Any standardisation process should always start with standardisation of raw materials ( newsprint, inks, etc) because materials are the first and foremost part in the production process. In any manufacturing or production process materials play a crucial role in quality. So, standardisation or adoption of ISO 12647-3 should ideally start with material check for ISO conformances.

This is also applicable for approaching ICQC contest. If the input materials used in the production floor are standardised and in conformance with ISO norms (ISO 12647-3 & ISO 2846-2,) gaining membership of ICQC 2020-2022 will be easier.

What's the better approach for ICQC 2020-2022?

  1. Know the capabilities of your raw-materials like newsprint and ink.
  2. Asses the present setup in pre-press.
  3. Test you Pre-press and Press capabilities
  4. Stimulate and tune your Pre-press to achieve consistent output in the PRESS.
  5. Monitor and control the deviations.

To know more about standardisation of material , visit our MATERIAL TESTING & STANDARDISATION services or E-Mail or Write to Us. Our services are custom tailored for newspapers and publishing production units. 



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