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WAN-IFRA Quality Check

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The Color Quality WAN-IFRA check is a need-based service from the WAN-IFRA to assess the quality of print reproduction. Reliable results are guaranteed as your copies are measured with WAN-IFRA's calibrated instruments, which are also used for INCQC measurements.

This service will evaluate the quality of reproduction of a press and prepress in its normal production settings and check its conformance to ISO standards. This service is offered as a single test and also as an annual evaluation service to constantly monitor the quality of reproduction once a month for a period of one year.

Just print the WAN-IFRA cuboid in your publication as part of a regular edition and send a few copies to WAN-IFRA Research and Material Testing Centre, Chennai. We will do the evaluation and send you a comprehensive report that allows you an accurate assessment of your internal quality level and proximity to the ISO standard.

Price for a single evaluation is EUR 150 (EUR 90 for members).


Address to send the copies

WAN-IFRA Research and Material Testing Centre

2nd Main Road, Taramani CPT Campus

Taramani, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India 600113

Tel: +91.44.4211 0640



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2015-10-15 18:43

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