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INCQC 2014-2016: Interview with André Ferreira of Brazil's O Globo

INCQC 2014-2016: Interview with André Ferreira of Brazil's O Globo

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The Brazilian publishing company Infoglobo Comunicação e Participações S.A., publishers O Globo, is among the recently announced members of the International Newspaper Color Quality Club (INCQC) for 2014-2016. In this email interview, André Ferreira, the company's Process Engineering Coordinator, discusses the challenges they faced during the contest and the benefits they see from belonging to the INCQC.

WAN-IFRA: There are a number of good reasons to participate in this contest. What was your strongest motivation?

Ferreira: Have an international quality standard to compare ourselves perception of print quality.

How did you prepare for the contest? What was the biggest challenge?

Ferreira: After our fail in 2012, we did a complete action plan based on the reports we received in the 2012 evaluation. We had three big challenges: the dot gain adjustments, a fully understand of the evaluation and have an internal evaluation similar to the Ifra's, one with the same conditions and equipments response.

Did you use the self-check possibility? What were your experiences?

Ferreira: We used it all the time. It was a very useful tool.

Every copy evaluation is followed by an individual and detailed report. Did these reports help you in your quality optimisation process?

Ferreira: This year it was not necessary, because we did a good preparation. But the report is always useful to give some directions about the opportunity for points of improvement.

What does it mean to your company (thinking about your employees and your customers) to be internationally recognised for belonging to the world's best in newspaper print quality? And will you actively announce your success?

Ferreira: To be part of the INCQC was a strategic objective for our company and we acomplished this. It is a honour for us to be part of the INCQC. We published this in O Globo.

Do you plan to participate next time?

Ferreira: Yes, of course. The next target is to be a Star Club member.


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