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Evaluation of test prints

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Evaluation of test prints

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INCQC 2014-2016

After the first print test for this contest has finished, the jury rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

The jury members Magdoom Mohamed (left) and Paul Casey proof the copies against a list of possible defects like spots crinkles or visible marks resulting from plate edges.

The evaluation of the test prints is split in two parts: measurements and visual inspection. The latter is the task of the jury of experts which is composed this time by the following five members:

  1. Paul Casey, Sun Chemical
  2. Ingi Rafn Olafsson, IDAN's Vocational Education and Training Centre, Iceland
  3. Dr. Nora Lauterbach, VDMA, German Engineering Federation,
  4. Dieter May, Mayart GmbH, Advertising and Design
  5. Magdoom Mohamed, WAN-IFRA South Asia

They control each newspaper copy, page by page, against a comprehensive list of print defects and mark them. Only blameless copies receive the maximum number of points which are added to the points resulting from the measurements.

WAN-IFRA wants to express its gratitude to all members of the jury for their great engagement!


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Charlotte Janischewski


2014-03-18 11:19

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